Speed Up your Work with these Cool Shortcuts!

Two weeks ago I started small personal project. Main idea was to collect all predefined shortcuts for InDesign CS5 to one place and create interactive guide.

While i was digging through files, I got really surprised first by number of shortcuts that can be applied (over than 1400) and secondly that InDesign ships with more than 400 already predefined ones! That’s really awesome, so many space to speed up your work! But, there is no way you can remember all of them! 😀 So, every day you learn few shortcuts, but also, you forget about ones you don’t use so frequently.

So, I’d like to list few, really awesome ones, just list, no talk, no images! 😀

PC shortcut | Mac shortcut

  • Fit Selection in Window:
    Ctrl+Alt+= | Opt+Cmd+=
  • Create document without dialog based on defaults:
    Ctrl+Alt+N | Command+Option+N
  • Create outlines without deleting text:
    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O | Cmd+Opt+Shift+O
  • Activate last-used field in panel:
    Ctrl+Alt+` | Command+Option+`
  • Move to first threaded text frame:
    Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Page Up | Opt+Shift+Cmd+Page Up
  • Go to previous frame in thread:
    Ctrl+Alt+Page Up | Opt+Cmd+Page Up
  • Go to next frame in thread:
    Ctrl+Alt+Page Down | Opt+Cmd+Page Down
  • Go to last frame in thread:
    Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Page Down | Opt+Shift+Cmd+Page Down
  • Activate last-used field in panel:
    Ctrl+Alt+` | Opt+Cmd+`
  • Show Hidden Characters:
    Ctrl+Alt+I | Opt+Cmd+I
  • Fitting: Fill Frame Proportionally:
    Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C | Opt+Shift+Cmd+C
  • Insert Special Character: Markers: Current Page Number:
    Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N | Opt+Shift+Cmd+N

My favorite one from this list is Activate last-used field in panel! When you start to use it, you will never be able to work without it! 😀

Have fun!

About Marijan Tompa (tomaxxi)

Husband, Father, Graphic Designer from Subotica [Serbia]. Also Adobe IDUG Chapter Representative, JS, AS3, Flex developer. InDesign Script/Panel developer. My everyday work includes working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW. I recently started to write scripts to speedup my work with InDesign. View all posts by Marijan Tompa (tomaxxi)

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